• AI Based Document Analysis Tools

    Fast and easy.

  • Instant AI Document Summaries

    Upload any document and read a summary in seconds

  • Compare text to multiple documents

    Give Briefit AI some text and a document. The system will find the closest match and compare it for you.

  • Super fast blacklining

    Blacklining measured in seconds not minutes.


Upload a document. Briefit AI will summarize it instantly.


Copy and paste text along with any document. Briefit AI will find the most similar text in your uploaded document and compare it for you.


Upload two documents and view a blackline in seconds. 200 page pdfs can be blacklined in around 10 seconds.


Uploaded documents are never stored on our system.

Mobile Ready

Quickly review or compare documents on the move. Briefit works on any mobile device.

Unified interface

Summarize, compare or blackline PDFs, MS Office, Text or urls in any combination using the same interface.

Briefit in a nutshell

Use Briefit's AI engine to:

  • Quickly review large documents by reading an instant summary.

  • Compare portions of documents without having to search for the correct section.

  • Blackline any document against another without regard to document type or source.

The summaries allow me to quickly look through cases which I would otherwise never read.