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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Briefit secure my data?

All data transmission to and from Briefit are fully end-to-end encrypted. Uploaded user documents are never stored by Briefit unless saved by the user. Stored user documents are persisted on servers/databases which allow access only by Briefit whitelisted IP addresses.

What regulatory agencies does Briefit cover?

The Briefit library includes millions of documents published by major U.S. and international regulators and supervisory bodies as well as all U.S. laws and regulations (U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register and public laws).

How current is the Briefit regulatory library?

The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (ECFR), Federal Register, U.S. Code, and public laws are updated daily. Agency documents published on agency portals are updated on an ongoing basis and are generally available within a day or two of publication.

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Regulatory Analysis

Scope Analysis

Analyze a memo in an unfamiliar area to find up-to-date related regulations and guidance documents in real-time. Quickly find potential gaps in a regulatory or compliance document.

Filtered Notifications

Receive notifications of relevant documents from agencies you follow from a single source delivered to you daily. Filter by phrases, keywords, or agencies.

Instant Regulatory Summaries

Overview new regulatory documents with instant summaries. Quickly get the main points of a new law, regulation or article. Any document in the Briefit library can be summarized in real-time.

Fast Regulatory Search and Reference

Fast and accurate natural language search with a regulatory focus. Millions of documents from regulatory agencies. Enforcement actions, legal interpretations, guidance and more constantly updated.

Change identification

See how the proposed versions of rules were modified in the final rule in seconds. Compare proposed versions of specific provisions in regulations to final rules or existing regulations.

Historical comparisons

Compare historical versions of laws and rules to the current version. The Briefit library has historical versions of the CFR from 1997 to the present. Current versions are updated daily from the ECFR and are fully searchable.

Document Analysis

Partial document comparisons

Compare changes in specific clauses of large document(s). Compare proposed versions of rules to the current version.

Clause Search

Find specific clauses within your documents in milliseconds. E.g. See all "Most favored nation" clauses within investment agreements.

Full Blacklining

Blackline any document against any other up to 50x faster than currently available blacklining software.